Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Boo-yah (Urban Dictionary)
The way people from the Southern US say; "great" or "fantastic". Mostly the male portion of the population. Most frequently used when a positive accomplishment has taken place. 

Here's why the boo-yah's are poppin':

I'm clean.  Here's the detox down low:  I ate a river of brown rice and lentils and a wagonload of fresh, whole, beautiful, colorful fruits and vegetables.  No diary, no sugar, no white flour, no preservatives, nothing with legs.  Yes nuts.  Yes raw almond butter.  I know you are thinking she so drank her Pinot Grigio out of a bag in the loo and hid it behind the bidet. Nope.  I did let the coffee slide however.  I had a cup in the morning and saved probably $412.00 per week by not going to Starbuck's.  The caffeine made me nice hopefully it didn't pollute me.
What I learned 
It takes 21 days to break a habit.  I no longer need or crave sweets or think it's okay to eat cookie dough and pretend it didn't happen.  I have moved ahead of my carb addiction.  Boo-yah! This is now crap to me instead of heavenly goo that makes all my problems go away:

EVERYONE needs a rice cooker
I wouldn't have survived this process without this:  (not the actual brand I bought, but mine was from Target for $39.00 and worth every cent.)

My version of detox was really a mild one.  People go all out and drink only premade green drinks for a number of days like my sister.  She was all like "Wow, I can't believe you did this for 21 days."  "This is hard." 
Reality check:  I did chew.  Mastication is not over-rated.  It wasn't nearly has hard as the hard-core detox programs.  Mine was a pre-school version of it.  My sister's was a graduate degree from Harvard.
The point:  Anyone can and should clean up their diet.  It was hard for me since I once wished out loud that scones were good for you.  I feel better, more focused, my skin has improved and I don't buy gummy worms to eat in the car on the way home from Kroger anymore.  An all around good time AND I'm saving money.  Do it.

 Oh, and I finished my Yoga Teacher Training. 

Pop some boo-yah's.  Tell me something good. 

Here's Chaka Khan singing that song.  (Tell me somethin' good)  Look it up on itunes.  It'll get you going.