Friday, June 26, 2009

Ball's Out

I never knew I was capable.

Balls Out - a term used to describe all-out effort, mack-daddy results, and/or private parts exposed.

We might also use the term when baseball season is (finally) over. No offense, Nick.

1.) My son, Nick (a left handed pitcher and mack-daddy hitter when he wants to be) recently competed in an All-Star baseball tournament. Caught up in an unpleasant, unsportswoman-like moment I referred to the opposing team as 'show-offy little bastards'. A balls out comment for me. Never knew I was capable. These are children, for God's sake. Balls out, I feel bad about it - even if it was true. The season is done. (Base)ball's out for us.

2.) Recently, while on a long training run I got to talking to a cool lady who told me about an ultrathlete who lost control of bodily functions during an event and kept right on going with (ahem) muddy clothes. This is an example of balls out focus and drive. I wish I had it. Eye on the prize, baby. The shower will always be there.

3.) High-risk environment. Vulnerable. Exposed. Everything on the table. Nothing withheld. No sandbagging. Causes increased heart rate. Eyes dart around looking for obstacles or injury to the tenderest of spots in us. Invigorating, liberating, learning generally the hidden parts are all the same. No flinching. Out in the sunshine. What's next? Hey, those aren't balls I see out that's a distance runner getting ready for a race.

Tell me your balls out moment. With running, sports, or anything else. Would you do it again? I bet you would.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get Some!

Motivation, Inspiration, Perspiration

Did you get any this morning? I am sitting here dressed for action and waiting for mine.

Inspiration to run. A friend and I were discussing how ever-lovin' hard it is to get out and run some days. He says he wakes up drags, his body to the coffee maker, downs a cup or two and just waits. Sits there - at 4:30 in the morning - for the moment to hit to git up and run. He does. I'm not sure exactly what happens but he feels 'wonderful' when it's over.
Things we know...
  • Dean Karnezes says, 'Running isn't Fun'. It can be 'enjoyable'. But it isn't fun.
  • Running is a vehicle for goal setting, endurance testing, and self-reliance.

I'm starting to feel something...

  • Running requires no equipment, except shoes. Clothing is optional depending on where you live

Tingle, tingle..

  • Running clears the mind and raw will roars

Tension building...

  • Running maintains a trim (waistline) - get your mind out of the gutter

I'm gettin' there...

  • Running is always available, is a great way to connect with nature and releases ass-kickin' endorphins so it feels wonderful when its over.

Yes, yes, yes!!!!

  • Gotta run

What do you get yours? Motivation, inspiration, and perspiration.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Raise the Bar, Baby

New Marathon, New Outlook.

"I just want to finish and I don't want to be last". My old running goal.

I was about to start my first race about 18 months ago (Frostbite 8k in Richmond) and got to chatting with a young, experienced-looking, fit runner. As we talked about our running experience (I had almost none) - I told her my mindset. She laughed and said, 'Oh God, you'll be fine'. Like 'get a life and get a real goal'. Other races have come and gone. A few halfs and a full. For the full -I wasn't last and I did finish (barely). But passing my low bar did nothing for the emotional hangover from the event. Now, I am on to a new marathon with a new outlook. I'm raising my bar, baby. Higher. Higher. I want to finish under 4:30. That's ONE HOUR improvement. I'm still slightly embarrassed to state it. Never mind I was just off steroids from pneumonia and had two hours of sleep. (I know. Excuses. Excuses.) I'm movin' on.
Our first group run was on 5/31. There are 1,000 runners training with Richmond Sportsbackers. About 150 of us heathens meet on Sundays. Great weather. Great people. Better pace. And the lattes on the way home are still really, really good. I hope this marathon is better than my first. Really. Really.
I still don't want to be last and I KNOW I'll finish. What is your bar like? www.shutupandrun is going to BQ.