Monday, June 1, 2009

Raise the Bar, Baby

New Marathon, New Outlook.

"I just want to finish and I don't want to be last". My old running goal.

I was about to start my first race about 18 months ago (Frostbite 8k in Richmond) and got to chatting with a young, experienced-looking, fit runner. As we talked about our running experience (I had almost none) - I told her my mindset. She laughed and said, 'Oh God, you'll be fine'. Like 'get a life and get a real goal'. Other races have come and gone. A few halfs and a full. For the full -I wasn't last and I did finish (barely). But passing my low bar did nothing for the emotional hangover from the event. Now, I am on to a new marathon with a new outlook. I'm raising my bar, baby. Higher. Higher. I want to finish under 4:30. That's ONE HOUR improvement. I'm still slightly embarrassed to state it. Never mind I was just off steroids from pneumonia and had two hours of sleep. (I know. Excuses. Excuses.) I'm movin' on.
Our first group run was on 5/31. There are 1,000 runners training with Richmond Sportsbackers. About 150 of us heathens meet on Sundays. Great weather. Great people. Better pace. And the lattes on the way home are still really, really good. I hope this marathon is better than my first. Really. Really.
I still don't want to be last and I KNOW I'll finish. What is your bar like? www.shutupandrun is going to BQ.


Chris said...

What is BQ? I've been running for many, many, many years and I still often adopt your original goal. As I've gotten older, and am raising three children, I'm more content with that goal. HOWEVER, I have had many PR goals and all that matters is what's working for you. I believe you can break 4:30. I truly do!

ShutUpandRun said...

Yes, breaking 4:30 is in your future. I just know it. For god's sake do it for the old people, or the babies if you have to. I was hoping you'd meet me in San Antonio in Nov? No? Yes?

BQ= Boston Qualify. For my old ass that = 3:50. Wish I was 80 and it would be 6 hours. Now that's a race I could run!!!

ownyourbackbone said...

Chris, I love that you know yourself and your goals and run with heart and contentment. I am competitive with myself and need to loosen up and realize as Beth said - finishing a marathon is a big ass deal all by itself.

Beth, I know I can break 4:30 but probably only if I accept that if I don't there will be other races. Balancing the goal and being the bending reed and listening to your body with smarts is the real accomplishment for me.

Loves Life in Colorado said...

Hah! I will be running my first marathon in November and that just so happens to be one of MY goals. I do NOT want to be last! Good luck with your marathon goals. Just running a full marathon is a major accomplishment in my eyes.