Friday, September 16, 2011


I started putting together a 'day in the life' post because I love to read them.  I want to know how your day started, what your barista at Starbuck's regaled you with and if you read blogs at work.  I want to know if your run was good, what you created for lunch and if your family showed you the appreciation you deserve.  We are after all one human family even if we've never met. 

A day in my life is like any other.  Unless I have one of the biggies (a death, birth, travel, doctors, PR, awards, or winning the lottery) most days are the same.  As are we.  It's my perspective.  Which right now is for crap because of this:

My daughter's room

And this:

These are triggers that put my perspective in the commode.  I will NOT clean my girls' room any more.  They will do NOTHING when they get home from school until that room is neat and picked up.  I left the towel on the floor because I am sick and tired of picking up other people's crap.  Whereas I can usually find the sacred in the mundane and see light in the dark, today I left the house feeling like this:
Irritated and unappreciated.
Until I had my coffee date with Megan.  She always lifts my spirits.  Megan has a calming effect on everyone she comes in contact with and I am grateful she lets me in her space.  I am continually reminded of how blessed I am even if my perspective is so out of focus.  My health, my opportunity and my Megan triggered the best in me today.  I am ready to work.

How do you dodge your triggers?


Claire said...

I think most kids are slobs until their out on their own...I know was.
As for dodging my triggers...I'm not at all good at it. I usually just flip out till things get done.
Unlike my husband...i am unable to ignore things that need to be Sometimes I think he's the smart one.

Megan P. said...

I hope I made you feel better when I told you my kids rooms are so much worse than that on a daily basis. Unfortunately mine is too. We all drive Larry a little crazy!! It drives me crazy at times but mostly it's one of those "little" things not to stress over. Loved our breakfast together. You're truly one of the best, Clair!! Love ya!!