Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Shy

Halter tops, running water and #2

Remember the Myers-Briggs test? ENFP, ISPJ, ISFP, what the HELL? "E" for extrovert is the only letter I remember. That's me. But I'm shy.

About some things. I used to dress to hide the top half of my curvy figure. After breast reduction surgery I can now wear halter tops, a complete impossibility for me before. Most people don't get the literal load shouldered by large-breasted women. Nice for certain film genres, great if they are high and tight, wonderful if your body image is healthy. Not good if they define what people know you for. This PR professional (a field where being an "E" - not the cup size, is a prerequisite) I was shy, shy, about this trait. Who knew a born double D would be a runner? Thank you, Dr. Pozez - now I really am an E, in mind, BODY, and spirit. Have you moved past something to surprise even yourself. I know an Introvert who is an award-winning salesperson. I know an "I" turned politician, and another "I" who's a top-notch pharmacist. There are more of you 'going-against-your-grain-heroes' out there and I want to know it. So folks, Strap on your halter, hold your bouncies and tell me all about it.

I'm still shy about some things. I still run the water when I go to the bathroom. Whether I am at home, my sister's house, a restaurant it doesn't matter. I've been doing it for 20-plus years. I hate port a potties not only because they are foul, but because - THERE IS NO FAUCET for me to run. I would just die if anyone heard that wretched sound singing out of my body. Ewww. How weird is that? When my children were toddlers they'd follow me into the loo, I wasn't shy about that but the water was on. I wouldn't want to scar them. Their mother actually urinates. I might as well make their appointment with a therapist now. Actually I think it's their mother who has issues. We can't even mention #2. It's unspeakable. So much so that I did no letting go for five days because of close quarters on vacation. I just don't do that kind of thing. Way beyond it. I come by it naturally. My mother sent my father out for sugar whenever nature called her. So what's your 'thing'. You know you have one. Laugh at yourself. It's fun. Most of my friends would guffaw at the thought I claim to be shy. Only about somethings. Formerly about halter tops, currently about natural body functions that I actually now encourage because I'm getting old. Change is good.


ShutUpandRun said...

You're killing me! Sending out your dad to get sugar when she had to shit??? OMG. I am LMAO. You are such a good Southern Girl. I must say that having a friend who farts and defecates unabashedly must have been such a shock for you. But you really have started to come out of your shell. What with pooping in the cat tails and all. But oh yeah, you did that one for the oldies. Just like I did mine for the babies. Running the water? All of the time we have spent together I never knew that. If I heard the water running while you were at my house I just assumed you were passed out and left it on. Love ya my shy friend.

ShutUpandRun said...

Oh and what is my thing? I'm not shy about much as you know. And I have no problem laughing at myself because I can be so gross and ridiculous at times. I don't often get embarrassed. Just that time I clogged my boyfriends toilet and it ran under the door and his grandpa had to clean it up. Now that was embarrassing. I wish everyone would have been out buying sugar.

Chris said...

Like Beth, I'm not particularly shy when it comes to bodily function. I DO know how to behave at a dinner party though...

I have a couple of friends who've had breast reduction surgery and it's changed their lives. Wonderful story! I won't even wear halters!

amy said...

took me a while to think of "my thing" and I realized I probably have a ton of them! but this one may surprise you: I am afraid of teachers. yes, it's the truth. doesn't matter if they're fresh out of college and way younger than me, the fear is still there. gets interesting come time for parent/teacher conferences at which time I fumble all over myself and my husband has a great time calling it to my attention. he is NOT afraid of teachers, needless to say. it made my school career interesting, especially in college and grad school, then it was fair to say I was petrified.

I am an "I" for sure, but have no prob with bodily functions. maybe that's the PT in me, I've seen it all!