Monday, May 17, 2010

Annoucing: My trainer

My family teaches me everything.  Little Miss Jane schools me all the time.  For example, she reminds me:
  1. I still like morning breath.
  2. There are a million ways to say," let's cuddle"...  (moo-moo, ohhhhhh come heeeeere) and to
Here's how...

10 a day to start and you'll own it.  I started Saturday at my 'homework' session after Bikram  (I love my fearless leaders,  Garland and Tighe). On Sunday I put my nose the grindstone (or brick).

I did 11 of these with my cute trainers, Jane and Kathleen who double as my photographers.  Why in tarnation am I doing this?  I am participating in the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Asana Championships in November/December.  Yoga and competition in the same sentence seems like blasphemy to some but I ask you to consider the art of human movement and that we are not judged but guided to the best asana possible for all human form.  Yoga meets you where you without judgement and with inspiration and motivation offers a vision of where to be.  Just be.  We can only go where the mind does.  Our body follows the eye.  AND backbends make you better at this:

Sir, give me THAT brownie in your bakery case.
 - or-
I'll take THAT Williamsburg Vignoir with lunch.
We should all have the option to be so dramatic.

My trainer is really good at teaching me THAT.  Who trains you?  I'd listen to HER.  She's got friends in  high places.


Anne said...

You are so flexible! Great job :)

BABBS said...

How does one get out of the backbend? I know how I would do it... and it would be a freak show.