Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is popping a cherry like boba?

Boba:  (pronounced:  bow-bah) A sound used to describe supreme wellness, bliss, contentedness, knowingness, utter presence in the moment and the space between heartbeats.  It's the unexplainable in the joy of absolute interconnected humanity.  Boba is in your big toe.
Can I  use boba with Cheribundi, the new drink I was asked to try?  This is my first product review (thank you Samantha!) and I am boba over that.  Plus, at 41 I am popping cherries left and right.  Here's how it went...
First, don't be jealous of my hair.  I am just back from Bikram and I am flippin' thirsty.  I now know water is overrated in the hot room.  Okay, this adorable little box is on my front porch and I feel like a rock star.  Samantha at Cheribundi had asked my permission to send me  free sports nutrition drink to review on my blog.  Very professional and all official like my little world matters to them.  Boba!  Everything is beautifully packaged.
The 40 to 50 raw cherries that are in each drink (depending on which variety you chose) are called 'America's Superfruit'.  In Cheribundi you find Vitamin A, Potassium, Iron Calcium and Whey Cherry, muscle-growing B-Vitamins.  The material says, whether you are trying to stay healthy or training for a triathlon you'll find a juice to fit your lifestyle.  As the drum roll rattled and I opened my treasure I decided my children would taste-test it with me simultaneously.  Cherries are tart - duh!  They didn't like the taste too much.  I did and I felt like I was swallowing nature.  Boba!  I did not test the results from each kind of drink meaning I did not run a triathlon after sampling the Whey Cherry for sports performance and recovery but a curious thing did happen.  I was nice ALL DAY LONG when I drank this each morning.  So much so my 11-year-old son said at 8:30 p.m. (I'm STILL smiling being all calm and helpful), "Wow, Mom.  We need to get you some more of that cherry stuff.'

I have no idea how much this stuff costs.  If you visit their website or become their fan on Facebook, you'll know  If it's not a small fortune, it's worth a try.  Popping cherries is the new thing, I hear.  You might be nicer all day.  You could blame it on the cherries or on Bikram and that I KNOW is boba!
What's boba for you?


ShutUpandRun said...

When I got my cherry popped it was nothing like Boba. I guess you could say running is my personal boba. And I am jealous of your hair. And your purple shirt.

Anne said...

Boba eh? I'm definitely tempted to try well as Bikram (just to be sure) :)

ShutUpandRun said...

I know that old men with new knees laying on rocks is your boba.