Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review: Mary Jarvis Bikram posture clinic

There are no words.
Where is the space between heartbeats?  How much does breath weigh?  What color is transformation? 
There is no way to describe it.  Miracle of all miracles, I am at a loss for words.  But here are some little treasures I learned from the Mary Jarvis' Posture Clinic at Bikram Yoga Annapolis this weekend.
Quick set-up:  There were 75 people drenched in sweat in the room.  There were about 8 inches between mats lined up like sticks of gum.  I barely knew anyone's last name.  No room for claustrophia or personal space issues and it was glorious.
Do not leave the room.  There is alot of love (prana, chi, life force) in the 107 degree room.  Even if you don't do the asanas (postures), don't leave.  We aren't trying to be mean.  The heat is brilliant.
Do not drink the water.  Water is completely unecessary and distracting.  You drink water during Bikram because, you are bored, someone else is or YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO BREATHE.  Your breath is the best super-food out there.
I won't go into too much detail about the specific asanas because I could lose you unless you are already into this but I am convinced that We are brilliant.  We have everything we need to have a healthy life.  We could do or not do a million things to become healthier, happier beings and the place to start - and ultimately ends - is the breath.
Thinking about going to Bikram sometime?  You should know the room stinks.  It's not pungy, gross, or vomit-inducing just strong.  Shower before you go, bring clean towels and you'll be fine.  Mary said "it stinks like a cat box because we leave all our shit in the room."  Here are what some people say about The Yoga:
"I am a better mother."
"My marriage has improved."
"All my relationships have gotten better."
"I found my abs again."
"I am so much more calm."
"My back has never felt better."
If you do This Yoga for the rest of your life, the shape your body is in today is the worst it will ever be.
I'm just sayin'.
 I guess I found some words after all.  Out.


ShutUpandRun said...

Sounds amazing and like you really got a lot out of it. True that we have everything we need to be happy and content right here, right now. I am still not sold on the water thing. I get not drinking in the middle of poses or taking unnatural breaks for water, but when it's 107 degrees and you're in there for 90 minutes, what's the harm in having a sip now and then? It almost seems like she's not allowing the body to have it's intuitive needs, but dismissing them. Or just being stubborn, which is all ego and not very yoga-ish. Just my humble opinion, and I'm sure if I were there I would feel I am just a white bitch dialing wrong phone numbers and with a cold. What do I know?

amy said...

I'm with you. I've said many of those one-liners. wish I could go at least 2x a week. believe me I'm working on finding out a way--or at least giving myself permission to do so:)

Anne said...

You've definitely got me intrigued...hmmmm I may try it.

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We could do or not do a million things to become healthier, happier beings and the place to start - and ultimately ends - is the breath.

Jenny said...

Wow thanks for warning us about this posture clinic. I wonder how can they get patients if they are doing a bad service.

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