Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's something about Mary...

I'm spending the weekend with her...
I hope I look like this when she's finished with me.  The pull to all things Bikram draws me to Annapolis, MD for a posture workshop with Mary Jarvis.  I got a pass from my family (Thank you, Norman's!) to head North on 95 to get twisted, torqued, and go deep.  I can't wait. I bought new Yoga clothes today and need to know:
Do I wear blue?
Or purple?
Tags still on.  I'm not Minnie Pearl but my grandmother's name was Pearl.  No lie.
I don't even remember the movie, There's Something About Mary. I just know I don't let my children watch it.  I think there's a bathroom incident that involves self-gratification.  No thank you.  I am happy to  please Mary Jarvis, however and hope I do.  Assuming I make it out alive and I'm not in traction, I'll let you know how it goes.  I present to you, my photographer: 
There's something about Jane.  Don't you think?  What are you doing this weekend? 


ShutUpandRun said...

I like the blue. From that movie I remember the semen in the hair that was used like hair gel. My kids have seen the movie like 100s of times. Tonight they're watching Deep Throat. I don't think there was anything inappropriate in there was there?

Anne said...

Adorable pic...there is definitely something about Jane. As for the tops, they're both great on you...although my preference is for the blue :)
Have fun and hope you come back all in one piece!

Go Babbs said...

Blue, definately. Have fun!