Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boulder Holder

Two funerals and one (more) surgery within 10 days validates therapy in my mind.  I am a big proponent of therapy in general so I mean no disrespect when I present you my $38 session:
I haven't bought a bra in 10+ years.  On November 13, 2000 I had breast reduction surgery and since then I have relied on the generosity of others for over my shoulder boulder holders.  That and my sports bras since I spend a lot of time in workoutwear.  My supply had gotten so pathetic I was wearing no pec slings at all if I could possibly get away with it.  I need therapy just for not taking care of my basic needs but I heard about PROFESSIONAL BRA FITTINGS and decided I needed one.  I had spent most of my life since puberty hating my chest.  Ten years ago - I got a new upper body and a new lease on life but old habits die hard and buying bras continued to be a hassle, something I avoided at all costs.  Then I met Tasha.  The kindest angel ever who made me feel like I had the body of a pole dancer and I should be proud of whatever I got packing - not matter what.  The trick was to pack it well.  And she knew how.  There was French lace in her department for north of 3digits but I needn't such a luxury.  This brand- Moderna is perfect.  I felt like I was wearing nothing but I was lifted, supported, cozy and ready for anything pitched my way.  Now that I have one that fits and does its job - maybe I'll get all saucy and what not. 

I am continuing my early morning spinning classes on Monday and Wednesday.  Here's my traverse back into my neigborhood on Monday.  My free therapy:

And so I had more Moh's surgery yesterday. 

That's not a marshmallow stuck to my forhead.  It's a pressure pack.  I feel pretty good.  I took a walk with my children and two dogs today after spending a quiet day at home.  My dear friend, Megan brought me a latte from SB for a morning treat then my sister brought dinner so I wouldn't have to cook.  I finished my Yoga Teacher Training homework caught up on a bunch of stuff and did it all in a bra that fits.  My therapy worked.  Life really is grand even though we need therapy at times to remind us.  

How was your day?


ShutUpandRun said...

The marshmallow suits you. You just need a piece of chocolate and couple graham crackers and you'd be golden. 'Bout time you got a new bra. 1.5 years ago I saw that Goodwill thing you were wearing. Thank God for Tasha. Did you burn the other one? That could hardly support one nipple.

ownyourbackbone.blogspot.com said...

Goodwill thing. You are so right. The safety pin and all. They wouldn't accept it at Goodwill. It probably disintegrated.