Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not me

It took 42 years.  I am figuring out know who I am not...

I am not a long, lithe fast runner but that doesn't make me a fat, slow wanna be.  I still love to run (sometimes)

Not me

I am not a ballet dancer - long, lithe, light, bony sticking glass in my belly so I can feel something (i.e. Black Swan).  I am a dancer.  I am never more electrified (almost) than when a good base and clear floor space opens up.  Baby got back - and pelvis and hips and shoulders and goo in every cell when the music starts.  I get lost and please don't find me.

Not me.
I am not a pretzel.  I am a Yogi.  You are too whether you  know it or not. That's a whole other post. 
I AM NOT TOXIC.  Or at least in 21 days I wont' be.  My friend Kathryn and I are detoxing together starting today. 
No flesh.  No dairy.  No processed foods.  No white flour.  No white sugar.  No caffeine.  No alcohol.  Yes lentils.  Yes fresh fruit and veggies, basmati.

I will check in during this journey often during the next 3 weeks.  I won't lie or pretend it's something it's not but I will have utter faith that in my moments of really, REALLY wanting M & M's, I will get me some Eminen and dance my face off.  I am not Meg Ryan.  (hiding her stash and looking for it in the trash.)  Trust me.  I trust Kathryn and we are in it to win it.  Have a great day.

Me in my new purple jacket.
(in my mind.)

What are you not?

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shana said...

Well?? How's it going? Four weeks - did you detox completely?

I am not any of those things either - but I'm a super awesome Mom, wife, and friend and those things will hopefully outlast my not-so-swift times & inability to touch my toes.