Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good God, no excuses...

Why wouldn't you practice Yoga everyday if this counts?
Day 19:  3-6-5 Yoga
After consulting my friend Kathryn, I decided that Viparita Karani (Legs up the Wall pose) with Pinot Grigio balancing on the abdomen counts for my daily Yoga.  My meditation consisted of deep breathing at a stop light with the radio off.  I took a walk with my luscious 7-year-old fully present loving her and the rhythm of our steps.  I practiced real Yoga without twists, binds, arm balances, or inversions.  I can do this for a year.  Mostly, I plan to go deeper longer stronger in asana but if this counts there really is no excuse.  For God's sake. 

Jon wants to know if he can wear boxers during class to be closer to his om.  I ask if he's ever been in a Bikram studio where there's om  wagging everywhere.

I think I was behind him at a class in Annapolis.
He was wearing less.
We're all friends.  Wear what you want, Jon - just do it. 
Day 20:  15 minutes of meditation.  15 minutes of asana.  Dropped to chaturunga in my office.  Losing focus but coming back.
Are you coming back?

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Kate said...

Now that's my kind of yoga!