Sunday, January 2, 2011

Collective soul

Please read this.  With holiday gift certificates I made a hefty trip to Barnes & Noble.  I read this treasure in a day and was left with a hefty trip.
Surely, I am late on the scene with this novella published in 2002.  I am inspired and so happy to know of our individual significance to the collective good and that we are really a part of the Collective Soul.  And they're hot.
For God's sake who wouldn't want to be a part of that?  Lessons learned...

We are where we need to be. 
We have everything we need.
Seeking is good.
Love will support your Personal Treasure.
Camels aren't as trustworthy as horses.
Falcons are cool.
When we are our true selves we are enough and supporting the collective soul.

Stop gagging and get out there and be you.  This year find out who that is and...

Get that tattoo if you want.
Run a race.
Be kind.
Be present.
Be quiet.

And, please read The Alchemist.  I just bought The Little Prince for my younger children will be reading it out loud and collectively crying for the tenderness of our humanity.

Today at Bikram I DID THE COOLEST CAMEL.  I SAW MY OWN HEELS UPSIDE DOWN.  Trustworthy or not.  Give me my camel.


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ShutUpandRun said...

Better than seeing you know who upside down.

Great message. Be present. Be quiet.