Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Frozen mud slide

Have you ever had a frozen mud slide?  It's kind of a dessert drink, like a milkshake with hooch.  If we lived in Europe where there's no drinking age it would be on sale at Friendly's or Dairy Queen.  When I was in college like the child I was I ordered one when a professor of mine asked me out on a date.  He was a journalist, slick and cool.  He ordered some sort of high-end scotch.  I felt really stupid.  I haven't had ordered one since.  I have had one all over my face however for almost two years. 

I recently had an ellipse done on my left eyelid and eybrow area as part of a scar revision process.  It was a simple v-shaped slice and reclose to relieve droop.  It wasn't a real lid-lift (blepharoplasty) but I am here to tell you it's made a world of difference.  Not in how I look but how I feel.  Since my first Mohs surgery in Feb. 2009 where I had a honking skin cancer removed that left me with 53 stitches across my forehead I have felt like I had a landslide of mud creeping down my forehead extending into my left eyelid. Scar tissue, nerve damage and the like. I didn't know how annoyed I was by it until I wasn't.  The minute my doctor pinched the skin on my eyelid together after excising the droop I wanted to celebrate with hooch.  I wish I had that frozen mud slide to drink.  I heard the professor I  had that drink with in Spring of 1990 died young about 10 years ago.  So what they say is true (and I know from experience)

Only the good die young.

I want to die good and old and with frozen drinks and friends nearby.  Dancing my way to the grave happy and centered.  I am planning on it but going with the flow of this beautiful life.

Here's me contemplating my trek to oldness right after my mudslide was removed.

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ShutUpandRun said...

I never heard that story before. I am dying laughing thinking of you ordering a mudslide to his scotch. You should have ordered sex on the beach. That would have sent him a message.

You are gorgeous, beautiful inside and out with a droopy eye or not.

Let's hold hands and dance. Always.

Your sister, me.