Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rockstar, Mass and Meditation

I know an IRONMAN finisher. 

2.4 miles swimming in frigid temperatures navigating a sea of strange elbows, knees and feet in your face. 
120 miles on a bike.  Makes my butt hurt to think of it. 
26.2 miles on her legs.  I've done that and can't even fathom it after two other major MAJOR events.  I am in awe of my friend Erin who in her mid-forties just finished her first Ironman competition in Arizona.  Needless to say, she's fit, hip, and a rockstar to me.  She's humble too.  Erin says:  anyone can do it, if she can.  You just have to want to train.  Stress fractures, early morning icy runs, and fear at the start couldn't keep her away.  The only time she got teary was when she was about to start.  Fear can do that.  How she got through? Her mantra.

God is with you.  You can do it.  For me, she made praying cooler than cool.

I used to think it was not cool if not impossible to be a Mass-lovin' Yogi until I had coffee with my Yogi-friend, Garland.

It isn't Garland (though it looks a bit like her).  She can do this on one hand. 

Once when I was a freshman in college a "friend" made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with her foot.  You know how you get really hungry when....  (it was a very time ago.)


When I'm at Mass I'm a closet Yogi.  At Yoga, I am a closet Catholic.  Now I'm everything all at once.  Garland told me one of her favorite things to do while when was at Teacher Training in Hawaii was to go to Catholic Mass with her roommate.  Steel drums, the beach, and a good swallow of Kundalini God will convert anyone.  We are the same all at once to Him.

A few random thoughts on this, the feast of the Annunciation.  (look it up, after you meditate.)  Om and out.

What's your truth?  What's your mantra?

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