Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I like big butts

And I cannot lie.
You other brothers can deny.
Deep in the jeans she's wearing.
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring.
-- Sir Mix Alot
If you were learning to walk in the 80's and not slapping your own bottom screaming 'BABY GOT BACK' Sir Mix Alot is foreign to you. You aren't missing much but his song is a classic of sorts - especially the part about the anaconda.
Here's me taking out the trash while my daughter takes my picture with my fancy new Blackberry. Point? My butt feels so much better!!! You know you've been wondering since my last post 3 weeks ago. (Hint: I'm working on consistency in my life.)
Since then, here's what's been happnin'...
* Got injured during a 20-mile run and had to take two weeks off.
* Became friends with the bike at the gym and pondered buying my own saddle cover. Ew.
* Saw the most awesomest PT who has me singing to the angels every time he kneads my calf.
* Tried a new restaurant.
* Talked to my friend Beth 375 times or so.
* Missed my parents.
* Forgot to be the tooth fairy.
* Had my son kill a mouse in my bathroom with his air soft gun.
Please don't be jealous of my cool life. Excitement: 2nd Marathon is 33 days away. I'm nervous to be back on my legs. Tomorrow the 2-week hiatus is over. No more cookie dough for breakfast. I hope my training will have my back and I won't throw up when I try a measly 5 on Tues. My coaches think I'll be fine with some minor adjustments to the weekday mileage plan. Long runs stay current with the training team. Good thing this week is a recovery week. 12 miles on Sunday.
Anyone have advice on losing/making up time while training?
Back to the anaconda.
So your girlfriend rolls a Honda, playin' workout tapes by Fonda
But Fonda ain't got a motor in the back of her Honda
My anaconda don't want none
Unless you've got buns, hun
He's so sweet the way he says 'hun', don't you think?
You know I'll be taking Sir Mix Alot wit' me on my next long run. But I don't want his anaconda. Just the memories of the Pi Beta Phi Thursday night dance parties of the late 80's. And I really don't want a big butt. Why do you think I run?!

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ShutUpandRun said...

Girl you just wish you had a big butt. Man you really stick your ass out when you take out the trash. As for you and I talking, I think it was 378 times. I don't know about making up for lost time training. I've always heard to jump back in. Your legs will be so fresh after not having been on them, I think you will surprise yourself. Did I mention I haven't run in three weeks? You should see how large my butt is when I take out the trash.