Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This sucks

Meet my new baby.
I had her on Sunday, December 27 at about 11:45. I had run 4 miles that morning and was ready to take my children to Mass. (Jumpstart New Year's resolutions.) I realized how late we'd be and decided to play hooky from God and spend some money. Off we went to Best Buy and 10 minutes later I had a baby I'd been contemplating for sometime. I put her in the car - unstrapped, went for an Italian lunch, ran a gazillion errands then went to Yoga. I'm amazing that way. Right after giving birth. I did a headstand and a backbend and then came home to let her suckle. And does she ever. I love my new baby. I she's got the greatest latch and really fills herself up quick. This new addition makes me very happy and I'm saving money. I smashed every one of my plates, recycled the unused paper ones and have been eating directly off the hardwoods every since. Saving on dish soap and cabinet space. And I just found out I'm pregnant with a new computer. I'll let you know what he looks like when he arrives. I think I'll name him Mac.


No tattoo as of yet. Loving the debate.
Running is very difficult right now. Foot/ankle problems persist. Went to see my healer (aka PT) today. I'm all taped up again and found out my hips are very weak. Turns out my running gait looks more like Boyz in 'da hood because my hips drop with every step. No stability in my pelvis. I have new exercises to do. So if you catch me laying against a wall opening and closing my legs like scissors I haven't taken a job as a stripper, I'm healing my foot.
My son got a cell phone for Christmas. Craziness. He's texting me to be sure I got his text.

Here are older babies...

This is Christmas morning. They are waiting to see what Santa brought so the hand brace is not from texting, he didn't have the phone yet. It's from a snowball fight. Now THAT's my baby and that sucks - the hand thing. As does my foot thing. But I have faith it will all get better.

I'll be running like the wind before you know it instead of like Tupac Shakur. California Love. I love that song. What's your favorite song?

Happy New Year.


ShutUpandRun said...

Hilarious post. The image of vacuum latching on to those breastestses is too much. And Mac crowning. Sorry about continued foot problems. I think your boyfriend just wants to see your hips swivel and shake. You should sing "hips don't lie" next time you go in. Just to see what he does.

ShutUpandRun said...

I said get rid of word verification!! Two comments. 12 followers.

ShutUpandRun said...

I'm bossy. Settings -> comments -> show word verification? -> NO!

3 comments. I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

haha...good shtuff. Good luck with strengthening the hips...U dont wanna keep running with a gangsta lean...

Clair said...

I have no more word verification. I didn't know how to change it and my IT guy is on vacation and no one else on my staff knew how to do it. Thanks for helping me out. Check's in the mail