Friday, March 5, 2010

Quick! Do I need Plastic Surgery?

This has nothing to do with running , Bikram , my children or looking for the Meaning of Life.  This post is completely driven by vanity and opportunity.

I have two weeks to decide if I want plastic surgery on my face.

Here's today...
If the light is just right or the angle just so, you can see the irregular line from my hairline down through my left eyebrow.  Friends I see often don't notice it any more, folks I haven't seen in a while wonder if I did get that tattoo and why the fascination with railroad tracks and the letter "L".  I never dated a Lonnie or Larry but I do have Labia, Legs, and a Larynx...  hmmm.

Here's 7 months ago...
Here's the day after (about 13 months ago)...
If you're done puking, I need you to focus and give me your opinion.   My insurance will cover any corrective surgery resulting from my (gasp!) skin cancer within a certain period of time.  And time is running out.. 

Here's how I see it:
I don't mind the scar but at 42 if I can get a little forehead lift or eyelid tightening on Aetna's dime, why not?  All sarcasm aside I do have some annoying droopiness in my left eye leftover from this experience.  My forehead is stretched in a weird way that makes me always look worried.  But I really love the movie Shrek.

... She was lookin' pretty dumb 
with her finger and her thumb
in the shape of and "L" on her forehead

This is surgery I DON'T NEED.  Life's little scars give you character but dang isn't it nice to put your best face forward?  

Moral of the story.... wear sunscreen and don't ignore a spot that randomly bleeds for 2 years.  

Would you do it?


Go Babbs said...

Looking at you, I believe it is not necessary. I would never have even noticed the scar had it not been pointed out. I think the risk may outweigh the possible result (caveat emptor).

Having said that, I would do it in a heartbeat. I have faux boobs and have had a tummy tuck and it was worth every penny. If I could afford it, I would be a plastic surgery "Barbie." I suppose not being able to afford it is it's own blessing...

Best of luck with whatever you decide.

Meg said...

I've had Mohs' Surgery for skin cancer too, and I have a scar that runs down the left side of my face, a little shorter than your scar. Being that mine is on the side of my face, you can't see it. I think that you SHOULD NOT get the surgery. I look at you and you are so beautiful and your smile steals the show, no one will notice your scar after a few years. Mine is almost gone after 5 years. I didn't like the surgery on my face at all and to open yourself up to that is worth it? You're already beautiful and your smile shows that you aren't least it doesn't seem like that to me! Good luck with your choice though.

C.E.E. said...

I really couldn't even see it till I scrolled down and saw the other ones...and then went back and looked. BUT!!!....if it's something that every time you look in the mirror it bothers you....then yes...I'd do it. If it's something you notice like once a week...and you're pretty much happy with that beautiful face otherwise....I wouldn't. Because you never know what will happen with any surgery...and it would be horrible to have something go wrong with something that didn't really bother you in the first place.

Good luck with your decision!

amy said...

no way, no how. that's my opinion. not a fan of surgery, especially the elective kind. seen too many mistakes, bad outcomes, infections, worse-than-you-were-before type situations. besides, you're gorgeous just how you are and yes, it is so not noticeable it's not funny and I even know it's there. having said all of that, I can empathize with you're dilemma. you'll make the right decision. good luck :)

amy said...

I mean YOUR dilemma. sheesh. too many kids talking in my ear all at the same time.

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