Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's been an hour and I'm still wet

Here's my afterglow.  It's been an hour.  I dried off, changed clothes, drove for 20 minutes and ate a sandwich.  I'm still wet.  I keep reliving the moments of hot pleasure/pain and I can't wait to do it again.  I'm hooked.

Bikram  will make you better at any sport.  It will also make you nicer, taller, more balanced, more regular, and less prone to injury.  Soon, it could also get you a gold medal.

There's talk of making Yoga an Olympic sport.  There is much controversy however.  Making it competitive seems contrary to the essence of Yoga as non-judging, spiritual and compassionate.  Where the journey itself is the destination.  Where there are no boundaries, limitations, places to which we strive.  We don't arrive anywhere or qualify for anything.  WE ARE ALREADY THERE.  No measurements against which we push and push and push.  Just be.  Just breathe.   No  one could deny, however that it's HARD to sit still in a room that's hot and humid on purpose.  All Yoga is athletic and takes a hell of a lot of focus, strength, and determination.   Other athletes get rewarded for these remarkable traits, shouldn't we Yogis too?

Not really.  Not in my opinion.  We have our reward.  As Yoga practitioners, we are learning to recognize that ALL we want and need is within.  Each bead of sweat trailing to circle our neck with the ribbon of self-acceptance and pride and gratitude.    Each Aha! moment I experience in Yoga is a mini-gold medal placed around my neck by God.  The ultimate partnership.  And I get wet to boot!

Running 8 tomorrow.

Here is my suggestion for a new Olympic sport (I'd know I'd win gold):  Wine-tasting.  

What's yours? 


Meg said...

Yep, I go to the Olympics to participate in wine tasting, I'll take the silver, okay?
I love hot yoga, it is so cleansing. You are beaming!

Go Babbs said...

Just suggesting you check out the Marathon du Medoc in Medoc, France. A trip to France, a marathon, and LOT OF WINE.

ShutUpandRun said...

You'd be good at wine tasting. As long as you don't pass out. Now go wring out your underwear.

Anonymous said...

I would totally take the gold in wine-drinking...but tasting? seems like a waste. :-)

Gonna try to 'ram it this week.