Monday, February 1, 2010


What's a pimp?

Imagine my reaction when my 9-year-old daughter says to her sister:  "Oh, Jane.  You're my pimp." Jane said thank you and they hugged.  Cripes.  

I tell the children it's not a term of endearment or affection and not to go slinging it out there in public.  They are under the impression it means 'friend', 'homey', 'buddy', 'partner' - etc.  How on earth they got that idea I do not know, but I am then faced with the challenge of telling them what a pimp actually is...  

I take the high road and tell them I'll explain 'later' but  DO NOT EVER CALL ANYONE A PIMP.  They look at me weird and move on.

According to thefreedictionary a pimp is one who finds customers for prostitutes.  Or  the procurement of business for prostitutes.

I have heard expressions like... 
'pimp my ride' or 'my room's all pimped-out in cheetah prints'.  
Apparently pimp also means (verb) to push the limits of good taste and reason and (adjective) gaudy, tacky, flashy, too much.  In 1983 I was all pimped-out in my pink Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.  In 2010 I may as well have pimped Jack to the nearest bitch in heat.  Take a look at this...

For God's sake.  Has he no shame?  Have I no shame?  Can't a dog just take a nap around here? Here I am exploiting his privates for my own giggle.  I guess I am a pimp.

This pimp went to the gym in the aftermath of a major winter storm and rode 15 miles on the bike at level 15 and ran 4 at 6.6 pace (good for me).  I then came home to learn school's out again tomorrow.  Kathleen's pimp is happy.

Tomorrow I think I'll try Bikram Yoga where it's 107 degrees.  Thanks for idea, Beth.  You're my pimp.

Who's your pimp?




ShutUpandRun said...

Is that Jack's stuff or his butthole? Man, if he was only a human and really cared that his junk was hanging out all over for the blog world to see. Nice workout for you today pimp. Pimp face. Pimp ass. Pimp-ly. Pimp chick. I'm going to pimp some gas. Or pump. I used to wear pimps, but they hurt my feet. Or pimps.

Anonymous said...

hahaha...imagine your parents reaction when tehy heard you and your friends/siblings exchanging common young people colloquialisms of the day. I guess you can thank snoop dogg for that resurrgence.

Sounds like a pimp-ass workout too....pimp on pimpin...hahaha

AppleC said...

Ahhh, Jack is proud of his boys. Good for him. My Shane lost his back a couple of years and I think he is a bit self conscious because he won't let me take his photo, legs up- he likes head shots better.

Anonymous said...

i used to call my brother a nympho.
is he my pimp?

and...when I was about that same age as your girl some high school boy on the bus said, "well you blow your brother!" I responded "SO!" My brother about threw me out the window (he's 4 years older).

momof3 said...

Love it when my kids use the wrong words. We also had a misuse of the word pimp, so I steered mine from PIMP to PEEP. You know, "You're my peep" instead... just a thought for the kiddos. You can be a pimp if you like, I'm not trying to tell you YOU have to be a PEEP.

Also love that you're a Running MOMof3 in Goochland! We're neighbors, I'm in short pump! Let me know your race schedule (you can see mine on the side of the RLAM blog), maybe we could "run into eachother" at a local race. I'm obviously easy to "spot" (boyo I am full of puns today). Ok, that sounds a bit stalkish. I don't mean to sound stalky. g.