Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The 40-year-old Virgin - WINNER


According to onebadrunner sex is better if you are 40+.  Though I totally agree, shocking a party full of thirty-somethings may not have been the smoothest move.  For that envelope-pushing behavior I am sending a box of Kashi granola bars.  Xenia's grandmother deserves a nod for shocking her family with news of her vibrator use.  Go Grannie!  

Competition was stiff, however.  Shutupandrun shocked her son and husband with a question about the appearance of first pubes.  Runningandliving gives crap for presents and Kerrie is converting Christian campers to the dark side with her pole dancing.  BTW, SteveQ I AM ready for your shock stories. 

Thanks for the fun and here's what I did for fun earlier this week.

I bought a nightgown.  Call me crazy.  I saw Young Victoria with two of my dearest friends and we've all decided we are British Royalty.  With 9 kids in 11 years young Vicky got a lot of booty in that get up.  Today, I look like the 40-year-old virgin.  Only I'm 41 and I'm not.  My son thinks I'm a nerd and my girls think I look 'lovely' like Martha Washington - you know George's wife.  I think I should light up and make a martini.  How's this...

If you can guess what I'm holding (it's legal).  I'll send you some.  You'll love it.  

Drinking:  Water
Doing next:  Paying bills
And next:  Running



Kerrie T. said...

LOL! Love how you put this together. So fun...and thanks for the mention! :)

ShutUpandRun said...

Congrats to one bad runner. That was a great story. I don't know what you're holding. Some tempeh? A Pay Day bar? Your vibrator? Nine comments, woo hoo!