Sunday, February 14, 2010

My new friend and 69

We should all know our strengths, right?  Maybe some of us are still figuring them out.  But polishing them and working through weaknesses is the name of the game.

Okay, not to bring up a sex addict, but Tiger Woods (who I will always love but have never worked at Denny's so I'm not his type) is the best golfer in the world.  Yet, he is ranked 69th in putting from distances farther than 12 feet.  He is not perfect at every aspect of his Game (we know this) but he is still the best golfer in the world. 

I am not a great runner.  But I am working on it and I love to move so not being the best is okay for now.  I am getting better and better and I still love it so, WHAT.

I've got the rhythm, baby.  I can dance and have congenital flexibility.  I am more limber than my 9-year-old.  I love to move.  Hence, my love of all things, Yoga - hot and not.  I am fascinated with the art of human movement so I do it a lot sometimes to the embarrassment of my family.  I can feel the dance behind my belly button usually and I simply must let it out so, WHAT.

I am not great at completing tasks.  I am a dreamer.  Big ideas.  Great at creating opportunity BUT I LOSE MY STEAM sometimes.  I think I could have adult ADD but that's another post.  Honestly finishing simple household tasks takes extra focus for me because I start 4 new things before the most pressing thing is complete.  But my house is always neat so, WHAT.

I am a good conversationalist.  I used to want to be a talk show hostess.  Don't laugh.  I love Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah and lusted for their jobs.  Three lovely children got in the way so their jobs are secure for now.  But I can handle most social situations and I thrive in large groups.  I love people and getting to know them and at the end of the night, everyone is MY NEW FRIEND.  I have a little naivete around this but I'm going down with love in my heart even if people think me a bit much - so, WHAT.

And, the best part of all,  I bonded with a lady at Bikram Yoga yesterday who with just the right amount of finesse and perfect timing introduced me to her partner as her "new friend, Clair".  We had just spend the previous 90 minutes in 107 degree heat pressing our forehead to our knees and never said a word but I liked her and SHE LIKED ME TOO.  We all need reinforcement.  Just not from the waitress at Denny's. 

Heal, Tiger, heal.  You are still the best golfer in the world. 

Do you have a new best friend?


Anne said...

That was a lovely post :) ...thank you
Myself, I am a very friendly person, but I'm more likely to consider new people I meet as new takes a few more meetings before they can officially be called friends :) ...but I like my acquaintances!

ShutUpandRun said...

Oh you had me going. I was hoping for some 69 details as it applies to your life. TMI? Probably. I know your ass can dance. Shuffling that buffalo and all that. And I'm glad you made a friend at Bikram. Did you rub your sweat up against each other? You would be a great talk show hostess by the way. It could be called "Clair is on the Air!"