Sunday, October 10, 2010

I do not have Munchausen's

However, I can't wait for my surgery.  In 2 days I am having this removed...

Not my collarbone but the quarter-sized pinkish blob of skin cancer.
(I wish I were having my neck trimmed and smoothed.)
I am also having a smaller area near my left eye excised for the same reason and a consult for scar revision from an earlier incident. 

This will involve an open wound, stitches and the smell of my own skin.  I can't wait.  Why?  BECAUSE FOR 2 DAYS NO ONE WILL EXPECT A THING FROM ME.  Yes!  I will have guiltless down-time.  This is not Munchhausen's but someone who needs to learn to sit still without a reason.  That it's actually beneficial to do nothing.    
 A person with Munchhausen's Syndrome  feigns disease, illness, or psychological trauma in order to draw attention or sympathy to themselves.  (Wikkipedia)
I don't want illness just stillness
For this opportunity to tune inward and check out for a number of hours, I am grateful.
I am also grateful for:
  • catching this rascal before it got out of hand.
  • my friends and family that have offered to help out.
  • my exceptionally good health. (save this little snafu).
  • the support of my husband and children to train to become a Yoga Teacher.
  • the love of my family and friends.
  • the world's best parents.  (Miss you, Mom and Dad)
  • you, for reading this post and any others you may have perused. 
I'll let you know how it goes.

Keeping it real...
Today's little confession:  I returned home from day one of my anatomy workshop on Saturday evening.  After six hours of instruction on body parts my brain was fried.  My children were glad to see me which is a nice feeling.  My scrumptious 7-year old was especially excited dancing all about my person, swinging on the arm of the chair I was sitting in - chattering a mile a minute.  I say to her:  "Can't you just faint for a few minutes?"  I thought I was being funny.  Not so much.  I need this little rest coming my way.
What is your confession?

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