Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm on the wagon

No wine for 11 and a half days
With one free pass.

I'm doing it different this time. I am changing what I can to make my 2nd marathon different than my first.
No wine the night before in fact no wine from here on in to November 14. Read the fine print. I have one free pass coming my way. This is how I felt the morning of the Shamrock Marathon in March.

It wasn't the wine. (though I did have 2 glasses at dinner the night before.)

I'll be in bed by 9:00 with the Yoga eye bag on. Not obsessing about every little thing, dissecting every comment and every person I know or wondering where my life is going or trying to cure cancer in my sleep, or planning my children's trek to college (they are all in elementary school). Breathe deep.

I will dress better for temperature changes during the event. I still miss my University of Denver sweatshirt I donated to the homeless of Hampton Roads along the course in March. Even though the sleeves were ragged from the chewing of a beloved lab (now expired). I hope whoever has it appreciates all the love in it.

I will have faith in my training and in my heart. I am ready. Sure I could've run a few more times and I was out for 3 weeks with an injury but I have worked hard and I'm prepared to run strong. It's all in my head now.

I will saunter to my corral look for my buddies and simply be grateful I am there.

Afterwards, I'll celebrate with a glass of wine and not wish I were dead. Last time I felt so very miserable, I forgot to be proud I'd made it.

What did you do different between marathons?


ShutUpandRun said...

I love the last part about not forgetting to be proud you made it!!! And you will make it. I think you will surprise yourself. This one will be different. Every race is its own thing. You are ready. You are mentally prepared. What is your mantra for when it gets really really hard? Have you watched Spirit of the Marathon yet? If not, watch it the week before the event. I love you, you can do this.

And no wine for two weeks!!!! That's discipline.

Meg Runs said...

Wow, a courageous wine! I always try different things between marathons and the things that work best for me are...
REST, DISTRACTION the day before, a sound fueling plan and lots of hydrating and good food the week before the race. I try to keep it simple.
I have a well-loved and sleeve-chewed sweatshirt too! I just can't part with it! Sorry for your loss!

ownyourbackbone said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm thinking about adding a couple more free passes to my no wine plan. Hmmmm.... I like your advice and will take heed. Especially the REST, DISTRACTION part.