Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am not Meg Ryan

Remember When a Man Loves a Woman?

I love that movie.  Meg Ryan is an alcoholic.  Her hot husband co-depends like no other and everything gets all messed up.  After a trip to Mexico, a condescending comment about stirring coffee with a little spoon, and a stay at a 5-star rehab clinic, things start looking up.  Love a good drama.  Besides the fact I have always wanted Meg's hair, I  have addictive qualities too (future post) so I mean no offense.  I'm just saying, it's broad daylight and I haven't been looking for a nip in the garbage can.  Sometimes a girl just needs to sleep.  Nothing like a good nap.

Bikram says real rest or complete relaxation is like our gas station.  It fills us up, making us ready for what's next.  I like that.  I always feel guilty when I take a nap.  Above, it's Saturday.  I ran 5.3 miles in 90 wet degrees and did 10 backbends.  I worked for one hour and cleaned up the aftermath of my daughter's sleepover.  Then I drove to softball practice to retrieve my little All-stars.  I came home and made lunch for 2 of them.  Then I passed out with my brown bitch and not because I'm Meg Ryan.  I am a wimp. I couldn't take the heat so I passed out in the kitchen.

As a Bikram student, I was hopeful my nap would rev me up - get me ready for what was next.  Here it is...

It didn't work.
Going for the Pinot Grigio now.  Wouldn't you if you woke up to that?

What do you like to wake up to after a nap? 


ShutUpandRun said...

I like to wake up to my bitch looking like that. You better not pass out in my bathroom again.

ShutUpandRun said...

I seriously LOVE the new blog makeover!!!