Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I want to be you

I know the coolest people.

Beth just qualified for Boston and recently played blackjack in a bikini in Vegas.

Tighe juices with ginger.

Garland is the oldest younger than 30-year-old I know.

Dennine is learning Reiki.

Megan knows her horses better than most people know themselves.

Amy gardens, runs, writes, makes jewelry and is a physical therapist.

Dawn simply gets it.

Glen is sweet and loyal and the grandest tradition-loving uncomplicated soul with his eyes set on What Matters.

I love all these people and many others for a zillion reasons.  I fancy myself a running, raw food eating, animal-loving, energy- flowing, veggie-growing. working-mother, accomplished, business-owning yogini who's funny smart and true to the core.  Or a piece of all of you.  Why am I contemplating all of this? I went running today.  I haven't run much since diving into Bikram Yoga. I find something I love and I want to be the best at it sometimes I end up all over the map and since I do everything full-tilt I sometimes lose my own compass.  Maybe one day I'll want to just be me.

I ran 4 miles at a 9:06 pace then I did 10 backbends before I showered and went to work.  I got home just before my three lovely children got home from school.  Instead of feeling like a Renaissance Woman who's got it goin' on I felt like a failure because of the dust bunnies under my couch and because my hair didn't look good.  Suddenly, I'm not a runner or a Yogi or anything I can hold onto with pride.  I am a lesser version of all of you awesome, talented people.  And then I realized we are ALL FRICKIN' HUMAN.

Maybe the things I love about everyone else are also inside me and if I just CHILL OUT, I could love it whereever it is.  In me.  In you.  On the course.  In the HOT ROOM.  Under the couch.  With the dust bunnies.  In every blade of grass, whisper of wind and hair on my children's head.

My 10-year-old daughter just got Athlete of the Year award for her whole school.  Could a piece of  me be in her?  Actually it's probably from her former college-ball playing Dad.  But does that really matter?  It's ALL GOOD whereever it is.

 It looks really good on you and hmmm, maybe not so bad in me either. 

What did you think about today?
She's awesome.

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ShutUpandRun said...

Yes, I hope I have lots of pieces of you in me too!! Kudos to Kathleen. She is a star!!!