Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do you smell your fingers?

 You would if you had this stuff on them...

My God.  Chakra 2 by Aveda.  Heaven.  It's an authentic fusion of pure essential oils blended to balance the pleasure Chakra
It smells mighty fine.  I sprayed some in the hallway upstairs last night.  My son, 12 and Way Too Cool says ways "What IS that?   It smells really good."  Apparently his second Chakra needed balancing.   It has essences of sandalwood, orange and geranium.  Why did I spend $30 on 3.4 ounces of Body Spritz?  After a 'sing-to-the-heavens' yoga class with Allison she gently placed a towel on my face spritzed with this angelic mist.  I have been thinking about it ever since.  I tried to sniff my own face for hours after the class to recreate the sensation of utter calm and passion all rolled up into one.  At least I wasn't sniffing my fingers.  I don't do that sort of thing.  Chakra 2 baby.  It'll cure what ails you.

So I am leaving for Boca Grande, FL on Saturday for a family vacation with her...

I can't wait.  Though we didn't plan it this way, this trip will be a mother-daughter extravaganza shared with my five siblings and their spouses and children.  Extended family and some other friends are brave enough to join the Griswolds Going Tropical.  And we are going to rock it.  My husband and other two children will be swinging bats, winning tournaments (I hope) and taking names in Virginia.  Halfway through the vacation my other daughter will join us and the Norman Girls will be in force.  Except for her....

She just sniffed some Chakra 2.  (Don't call PETA)  She was just in the room. 

What's your favorite smell?


ShutUpandRun said...

I've got to try that stuff. If Nicholas likes it, I'm all over it.

I love that you tried to smell your own face. Better than fingers. You never know where they've been.

Enjoy FL. The ladies will have a blast. Confucius say: Don't poop in the ocean it washes up on you.

Char said...

Favourite smell? It'd have to be baking - bread, cakes, cookies. Warm and wonderful and delicious.