Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What happened?

Floridian Meridian and I  miss Manny

It's fartin' hot near the equator.  I realize that 2/3 of the country is in a heat wave but at the waistband of our planet - it freakin' sizzles.  I just returned from a little vacay on the west coast of Florida near Ft. Myers.  I fit right in with my skin cancer as Mohs Surgery Centers are as common as Wawa or Texaco.   Here's Jane and me after the first day of sun.

SPF 50.  Really?  
Manny made me feel better everyday.  I miss him.  Manny is my poolside bartender who had Wednesdays off.  I hate Wednesdays now.  He's from Costa Rica and a father of 4 with a priceless piece of mountaintop property in his homeland.   He's personable and hard-working and honest.  Besides the delicious virgin daiquiri's made with fresh strawberries for my girls, he always made my pinot grigio a healthy pour.  Love it.  Even Jane said she missed Manny. 

I did a back dive.  In my mind (and only mine) I was an Olympian.  Because I haven't done one in probably 20 years.  I turned out about 30and my daughter said she was embarrassed because I was trying to show off.  At almost 42, you're dang right.  At first she was proud.
Then she headed for the Gulf.  Where we all belonged.  I can do back dives in Goochland but not with Manny.  Sniff. 

My workout scheduled suffered a bit...

Yoga everyday outside my condo with the lizards and snapping turtles watching but only one decent run.  It was a really, really good one.  Made me remember I am a runner.  On the beach, on the pavement, on trails.  Always in my heart.  Felt darn good.  What happened?  Maybe it was Manny.  He made me remember the glass is always half full.  Or more. 

When was the last time you did a back dive?


Indi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was in Ft. Lauderdale about a month ago and wow..it was HOT!!! and muggy! Not sure SPF anything can survive that kind of sweat!
Manny sounds like a good guy :) I like the half glass full or more approach myself! Hope things start to cool off a little..for all!!

Indi said...

btw - You asked about cross training. Duh..totally forgot to answer that. My schedule is kinda like this
Mon, Wed, Sat - Running (If I don't run I cross train with Elliptical or Spin)
Tues, Thurs - Weights, Pilates, Elliptical
Friday - Usually rest days, but if things move around cross train
Sunday - Rest or Spin if I can get my butt up to class by 8.15am

I have the p90x CDs, but don't do most of it. However, I do use the X Stretch, Yoga Xm Core Synergistic and Ab Ripper X as part of my cross training. After my long run, an hour of X Stretch is heaven!!

ShutUpandRun said...

Manny is my new BFF. He is going with me in my RV.