Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Addicts no more

What would you do for a butt?

On Monday I opened my freezer and saw this:
Frozen mud?  Marinade for another day?  I wouldn't put it past my sauce-creating husband to save his baste like so.   Turns out the girls were trying to make a chocolate bar out of Hersey's syrup.  Not a creative endeavor from some cute workshopie cooking camp.  In my mind, it's a desperate measure by a true sugar addict.  I've become militant and cleaned up our food act. I will never ever purchase another soda and sugar is a treat on a special occasion not a daily entitlement.  It appears my behavior is founded.

They aren't happy:

So I say to my son:
Wow, your sisters are like nicotine addicts searching desperately on the ground in a dark alley for some old cigarette butt hoping there's a puff or two left so they can get their fix.  So don't ever smoke.  What do you think?
A little dramatic. 
After a pause he laughed.
Good one, Mom. 
I was serious.

This is better:
My silly hamstring.  Slow to heal.  Like recovery from sugar addiction.  We'll do it though.  One day at a time.

No miles this week.  Yoga twice and 4 fitness classes to teach at the Y.  I can lead without full-on yowzah.  So I am resting a bit.

What have you changed lately?


ShutUpandRun said...

Never purchase another soda? LIAR. I haven't changed anything except to up my wine intake a bit. Does that count?

amy said...

hey, I have this tape stuff for you to try on your hammy. you put it on, leave it on, got it from a PT friend, mine is better enough not to need it, but you on the other hand need some help. (hee hee)

as one from a nearly sugar free house myself, I can tell you I vividly remember downing spoonfuls of sugar (brown, white, whatever) and honey whenever the coast was clear :)

josh healy said...

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