Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fire and ice

Three and a half hours like this set my right leg on fire up to my rear end.

I kept my cussing to a minimum.  Thank you for all the great suggestions about propping, icing and doing shots. Surely you've been waiting to see that we all made it home in one piece.  We did.  It was the driving.  I'd go through fire to get to the beach and I did.

To alleviate some of the pain, I sat on a huge pillow and used my cruise control as much as possible.  To be sitting up higher than usual did nothing for my balance, proprioceptors and my fear of bridges/tunnels (another post).  Yoga breath, where are you?

I did not do shots but loved the idea, thank you Beth and Jon.  I did however get 2/3 deep into a bottle of white and it was good.  I sat by the pool with my limb on ice then went to the ocean to watch this and 2 other reasons for withstanding fire...

The next day and the next I hobbled out 4.67 miles and actually felt better which is good because the drive home took nearly 5 hours. 

We had a great time.  Beach, pool, surfing, and seafood.  Nearly heaven.

Only drawback - couple in pool thought they were at Hugh Hefner's.  THIS IS THE HILTON GARDEN INN.  Families and children and mother runners who are soon-to-be Yoga teachers with injured hamstrings are here.  Hello.  There aren't enough shots to withstand that. Put some ice on it.  The could've borrowed some of mine.  Luckily they took their tryst indoors before I got sick. 

Can't wait to do this again...

  That's me with a hair piece.
How was your weekend?

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Anne said...

Beautiful and worth the drive :)

Hope the legs feels all better soon...

I actually did the exact same thing to myself when I was around 14 years old :) ...look I can do the splits...down...ouch!