Saturday, September 11, 2010

Alicia Keys

Septemer 11, 2010
 I am not eloquent enough to bring us to a moment of remembrance on this day. I have been crying a lot lately though.  Time of year.  Time of the month.  Or it could be this.
Alicia Keys and Jay-Z
Empire State of Mind
Yankess vs. Phillies
Go to itunes and listen to Alicia Keys' solo version of this song.  It made me so sad for New York, you know - the person.  We all know The City never sleeps, has character, is vibrant and scary and overpopulated and nine years ago it got a heartbeat.  I want to wrap my arms around her and hold on.  I've been to Ground Zero where the sidewalks and streets are rich with the life lost, life present, and life to come.  I didn't know anyone personally who died in or around the Twin Towers or The Pentagon or the field in Pennsylvania.  With six degress of separation, we all knew someone.  I am sad for everyone's someone. 

 In Virginia, like in many places there was at moment of silence at 9:39 the minute the plane crashed into the target in our state.  My older two children were too young to remember it and my third wasn't on the planet yet.  I said they should just sit still and think about their freedom.  I thought I might pray specifically in words since I am never at a loss for them.  Instead, only Todd Beemer came to mind.  Everytime I say "Let's Roll" let it be a tribute to my friends New York, Virgnia and Pennsylvannia. 

Listen to Alicia Keys, she might make you cry too.  Today's the day for it. 

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