Thursday, April 7, 2011

I've always wanted to be a centerfold

Help me get to the West Coast, y'all.
Yoga Jounal along with Athleta (totally cool fun durable work out and street clothes) is sponsoring a talent search for the next YJ model.  The winner is flown to California for a photo shoot and treated like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman (minus the currency for intercourse).  I am no beauty queen or pretzel but I could be a centerfold with clothes and I doing my darndest to live - REALLY live a Yogic life.  It's my soapbox, my soul and my passion.  My light.  Here's the photo I sent in.  Because it's far from perfect but a very good effort, I hope it's enough.  I think it makes me real.  Somehow I became a first round finalist.

I could've sent this one in but I needed to shave (my armpits).  The only good part is my neck screams:  I'M ALMOST 43 and nowhere on the site do they ask your age.  That could've given me an edge. 

(Date wrong on photo.  Husband took pic during Ohio State Basketball Game.  That's sayin' Something.)

YOU can give me an edge.  Vote for me.  Please, please, please.  Send me to Cali.  Make me a centerfold.

Go to the link below and click once everyday until April 15.  Taxes are due that day and your vote for a 40-something gal who wants be share Yoga in the most massive way.

I would do the same for you.  In honor of my request to get something I am going to actively give something away everyday until April 15.  I'll fill you in next time.   Give, give, give and you shall receive.


ShutUpandRun said...

OH YEAH my talented friend. I wish intercourse was part of the whole thing, but other than that, perfect!

I love the neck. I have one to match.

Janet said...

Voted! Good luck sweet friend.... Count me in til tax day!

Evolving Through Running said...

Voted for you - good luck. Some of the other pictures on there will give me nightmares of being attacked by crazy-fit ninjas. Apparently excessive yoga gives you Spiderman powers. Clearly I'm doing yoga all wrong.

Anne said...

Done! Love the photo...Good luck!