Monday, April 18, 2011

Soul Surfing and Hot Tailing

I am a huge skeptic when it comes to way-too-beautiful people.   I call them "plastics".  They can't be real, right?  They are probably mean, stupid, don't get it, or have a Daddy Warbucks (how else can a 20-year-old afford veneers?) No hard work no gristle no guts.

Here's my 'tude about some current hotties:

Hayley from AI.  Moves like a wet rope.  Knock-kneed.  Growls like a hungry dog during Elton John's classic "Betty and the J--J--J--J ets"  Cute? Oh yes.  Pretty (pretend) teeth?  For sure.  Hair I would have loved to twitch about on stage?  Amen.

Lauren Alana from AI  (is that a double first name or a first and last name?)  I'm not sure she knows.  When Randy Jackson asked how she felt about being compared to Kelly Clarkson (who's REAL) she said in her Tennessee twang:  "I'm just Lawwwren."  Help.  She sounded like a toddler who found a bottle of Benedryl and thought it was cool aid.  Swollen tongue much?   She redeemed herself a little when she laughed at herself for falling down the steps of the AI crib in spiky boots.  What, the Benedryl again?  But Lauren is talented.  She is.  Big, huge stage presence.  A real voice not torqued to squeeze out something kinda creative.  Maybe the whole picture makes her very real.  I'm starting to like her.

Is my skepticism and cynicism jealously?  Yes a lot of it is.  I want veneers.  I want to give myself over to what runs through my veins.  These people are living their dreams.  Wet ropes, and slurred cuteness don't stand in the way of me admiring them for that.  Try doing it with one arm.  Meet the Soul Surfer:

I can't say enough about Bethany Hamilton.  Go see the movie.  Take your family.  You won't regret it.  She cool, cute, real, talented, hard-working and lit up with her faith.  Just unbelievable.  Inspiring. 

I did tell my children after we saw it that if they make a movie about one of us, make sure somebody hot, and cool. and nice with veneers (like Helen Hunt) plays me.

We are hot tailing to the beach for a 2-day Spring Break get away.  Sunrise Yoga and Dusk Run.  Heaven.

Here's how I closed out my gifts from the giving project:

I became an organ donor.  Hopefully they will be very old but in good working order.  Fits the rules.  Not replacing them (God might), well-used and well-loved. 

Like my life.  Have a great spring break.  GO SEE SOUL SURFER.

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