Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trauma in my mouth

Today, I ate ants

I'll get to that in a minute.  This morning I taught a beginner's Yoga class focused on externally rotated standing poses (Prasarita Padattonasana A, Vira II, and Uttita Trikonasana).  I opened with a quote from Albert Einstein:

"I am who I am so I can become who I always was." 

Apparently I am an ant eater.  Here's me on a trail run:

Aren't I cute?  Very weird karma in this cyle of life....

Today I sat at my desk at work and suddenly remembered the bag of nuts I left from yesterday.  Yum, sounded very good.  I opened the sealed ziploc and scooped a bit of almonds, sunflower and pumkin seeds (actually shoveled a bunch) into my hungry mouth.  Something tickled my wrist near the ziploc and I realized the bag was alive.  Crawling with ants.  I had a slight panic attack swallowed the nuts practically whole and drank a gallon of water.  I never felt an unidentified tickle in my throat or had ants in my teeth but I was highly traumatized by the event.  Protein right?

Here's me doing Vira II:

Three-legged dog.  (Not looking for ants, not even hungry)

Thank God I didn't find any ants here:

What did you eat today?

Giving Project update:  Yesterday, I gave away two big, beautiful apples I had planned to save for myself for later.  Today, nothing.  Tomorrow, a biggie...

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