Friday, April 22, 2011

Third Eye Blind

Well, I am not going to Cali in September for the Yoga Journal photo shoot.  Dang it!  These fine folks are.  Gorgeous, stunning, amazing. Perhaps this photo would've worked better for me:

(Just had dermabrasion to repair scars on my forehead.)
I do look a bit like this..

 The Yogi's 3rd Eye.  Next time I'll hold a flower near my chin.

I'm not a 'contest' kind of gal, (except for that one in college that involved tee-shirts and a garden hose and that silly little dance performance at my sister's bachelorette party) but this was fun.  I asked for help.  I gave stuff away and developed my practice so I did win!  Thanks for helping me.

So, Spring Break is now over as is my Lenten wine fast.  I thought I would be so happy and 2 glasses deep but this is surprisingly not the case.  My wineless reflections:
  • Daily wine intake in moderation is fine.
  • Daily wine intake for me is not nescessary.
  • Daily wine intake for me is a breakable habit but also an enjoyable, well-savored behavior.
We had great fun this wineless week.  Movies, walks, restaurants galore, Yoga, running, work, baseball, hiking, homecomings, friends who run Boston, phone calls that make me weep and the utter gratitude for every breath.  There was not time to even take a sip.  Surely I'll fit some in but after I meditate.

My Spring Break buddies:

Hope all your days feel  fun and full.  Happy Easter.

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