Monday, April 11, 2011

Last night I got serious

You might be thinking, she's always serious. Alot of my posts lately have a contemplative undercurrent.  I suppose it's just where I am.  All my life everything has to have some big swoosh associated with it - a big goal, another child, a trip, a job, a problem, a sadness that cracks your heart, a joy so high you have to look down to see heaven.  Not much middle ground for me.  But  I believe in the stillness of the middle is the big stuff. 

So Saturday night I was painting my youngest daughter's toenails and she was painting mine.  A nice 'still' activity unless you want Picasso on your peds.  In this very regular enjoyable moment I decided I am in training mode.  I have no race picked out but I want that focus and discipline of training.  Real traininng.  I love knowing what I have to do over a week's time, build on it and be somewhere completely different in a month.  See, I dont' like to sit still.  Which is why meditation is a huge challenge and why I do it everyday. 

I find it ironic that we work towards ease in finances, in relationships, in health, and perspective and then we crave the ooze and grit of a challenge.  As long as we know some days we walk in stead of run, sleep instead of read, listen instead of talk and are cradled instead of support -  It will work out.  Balance.   

Here are some events I am considering (I have done each of these at least once accept the Sprint Tri):

Patrick Henry Half Marathon in August 
Richmond Half Marathon in November
Sprint Triathalon in August  
Richmond Full Marathon in November


Mostly I am considering what will have the least impact on my family regarding training time.  I don't mind getting up super early.  Between work, their activities, Yoga and the churn of life it's hard to find the stillness in which lies the training time.  Sure It is there.  I'm hoping these will help me find it:

My new kicks.  Asics.  Usually a Nike girl.  So far so good.  Tomorrow I am teaching my 3rd Yoga class since getting my 200 hr Teacher Training.  I am in my skin when I teach Yoga.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Surely in teaching the sweet spot of stillness I'll cultivate my own.  I'm serious.

Have a great Monday.

Giving Project update:  Yesterday I gave away this to our local Goodwill:

Gently used.  Well-loved.  Not replacing it. 
What are you serious about?


ShutUpandRun said...

What the heck is that, a chocolate milk holder?

Love this post - and what meditation can do for us if we let it. You are on the right track. I say sprint tri in August and half in November. Just me .02 (I'm cool).

bethmyerbaldwin said...

Loved this read. I think Sprint Tri i August and the Richmond half in November too. I'd love to come cheer you on!
Beth B ,,, neighbor :O)