Sunday, April 24, 2011

"L" is for luscious

Unintentionally, I have an "L" tatooed to my forehead.  Think:  Shrek and Smashmouth.

She was lookin' pretty dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an L on her forehead.  Get ready, this is gross...

I'm a believer.  Since my children nicknamed me 'loser' (lovingly so) after my first Mohs Surgery I decided to rename my inference and call myself "Luscious".  I thought about 'lusty' but that's almost immoral so luscious it is - like this Easter Sunday...

First I meditated here:

6:00 a.m. after playing Easter Bunny I took my mat outdoors and began 21 minutes of quiet.  It was luscisous.  Still had plenty of time before my  peaches woke up.  Then I had time to read this:

Hindu Scripture.  Lengthy but enLighening.  Still enjoying wonderful aLone time while I wait for my chiLdren to arise.  Next:  Baskets, Breakfast, showers, Mass and then off to my most excellent sister's for Easter Sunday festivities.  
An overall great time with loved ones as 17 children romped and rolled in a pool under the sunny canopy of an 85 degreee day.  It was luscious except no one could eat near me because my head wound makes a person sick.  That's okay.  My surgeon found skin as new as a baby's bottom undeneath that scar.  It just takes awhile for it to catch up to the 42-year-old rest of me. 

Here's my Letdown:  No inversions (like headstand) for a week and I haven't run in two days.  I plan on running 4 gentle miles in the morning.  Still strategizing about my next race.  Yoga is still my most luscious form of exercise but a girl can Lust after some endorphins every now and then.  Just look at my head and you'll feel gLorious about your own. 

What would your "L" stand for?  Here are some choices...


XLMIC said...

My "L" will stand for LUCKY! How corny is it to feel so LUCKY to be in this life? Well, that's me... pure corn sometimes ;-) Thanks for the visit! Is it bad to wear shorts to Mass? Were they cutoffs? Zip-offs? Or were they 'dress' shorts? I would have liked to have been sipping a little something special during my kids' egg hunt :) Hoping your head heals quickly. I had a tumor removed from a similar location... just above my right eye, embedded in the forehead muscle... nice, eh? Now you can't even tell. And I LOVE that picture of you doing the backbend up to the wall! Very awesome display of flexibility!

ShutUpandRun said...

My "L" stands for what else but labia. Had to go there.

You look beautiful as always.

June can't come soon enough.