Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Blueberry Experiment

Early Tuesday morning I started my Yoga class with communal chewing - of blueberries.  I was exposed to a wonderful exercise in mindfulness that involved eating chocolate slowly at Healthy Life Yoga.  We experienced the mindful pleasure of the food and it was better than....  (You know what they say about chocolate?)  Moaning happened.

I didn't think the blueberries would hold the same promise, but I thought my students might get the mindfulness thing.  So I passed out this:

I asked them to hold hold their little blue balls in their hands until we were all ready to eat.  As we did we experienced the texture, taste and change from a solid to masticated pulp.  The explosion of tart/sweet was glorious.  With that mindfulness of not missing one moment, not missing one breath, we approached our practice.  It is about experiencing every moment - not missing any savory explosion to get from one thing to another.
Transitioning from this:

(excuse the backfat - more blueberries, less cobbler)
To this:
Is just as important as this:

I want to take this lesson everywhere.  All day.  Not missing one moment.

Welcome the heat of the work of your work out.  You will explode!


Shut Up and Eat Blueberries said...

I love the idea of experiencing mindfulness with the blueberry. Will you feed me berries when you visit?

Claire said...

Have I ever told you how much I enjoy your blog...and that I want to be YOU when my yoga grows up?

Have a great day!

XLMIC said...

I love this. The way you talk about those blueberries...