Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yoga - mile high!

While attending a health and fitness conference in Boulder, CO my hostess and boot camp sergeant – Beth - made me run 9 miles without adjusting the altitude.  Here’s the aftermath:

I passed out and got Lucky (the dog):

After long run

Here are my new friends before our conference started:

Blogger Conference

Fabulous Amanda, Jill, Beth, Jason and moi prepare to learn how to kick it wide open in the blogging world.

I felt a bit intimidated because I have struggled with the whole blogging thing.  I blog because I love to write and those of you who know me realize I love to express myself whenever I have a chance.  I do not ever want to appear overly self-involved or self-promoting.   I desire to share my experiences with health, wellness, fitness and spirituality and hope others may be inspired to look at those areas of their life as well.  Blogging is also a coming-of-age media platform for all kinds of communication and commerce potential.  So I am figuring out my direction.  And here in Boulder it’s easy because the Rocky Mountains are to the West.  It might get hard if we spent all of our breaks like this:

Blogger Conference Onbreak

But what the heck?  Bloggers are cool and fun.  We thought we had stumbled onto the Wine Bloggers conference which is next month in Charlottesville – a lot closer to home for me.

And now for the YOGA MILE HIGH part.  Beth, Jason and I participated in the Yoga class this morning at 7.  One of us broke wind during the transition from three legged-dog to pigeon.  I’m not sayin’ a word.  Virginia Yogi’s are polite.

Having fun, learning a lot, missing my family.  Time for a little pigeon or was that pinot grigio?  Which way are the mountains again? 

Meditating early in the morning facing King Rocky.  Life is tough.  Having a good weekend?  Do you like bloggers?  Do you break wind in Yoga?

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XLMIC said...

Did you say 'excuse me' like a good southern girl? LOL It sounds like you all are having a great time ... working :)

Decent weekend. The one blogger I met in person was awesome! And yes, I have passed gas in yoga :P