Monday, June 13, 2011

My hair touched my foot

On Saturday morning I went to my (almost) weekly Bikram Yoga class.  I had a new experience.  I explored the notion of relaxing into the challenging poses.  After your body's alignment is correct - and this is critical to safe Yoga then you can let the pose come to you.  With clear intention of accepting it.  Working with the energy of the pose instead of fighting it.

With that mindset I nailed this one:

I have struggled with this because it requires both balance and strength.  Some days I'd have one and not the other.  On Saturday, my elbows finally went below my knees and I looked at my new navel ring while chewing on this delicious pose.  Happy.  Prana flowing.  The dialogue of the teacher became music and I let it sing me.  I relaxed enough not to fight with the experience just to achieve the end.  The means became the moment and it was enough.

Then my hair touched my foot in this:

I have been working on strengthening and lengthening my back while opening my hamstrings for sometime.  For the first time I melted into this and felt the arch of my foot touch my forehead.  It's strange and glorious what happens when our body does something new.  We become wide open in every way.  Spiritually and to life's possibilities.  A legal, joyous high.  I did not beg my hamstrings or back to let me feel this.  I opened the door and let it come to me.  That was enough.

So on Sunday the day was ending and I had not yet taken my run.  I sat at my computer willing myself to be motivated to write or run.  I was tired and struggled and froze in front of the screen.  I am surprised I didn't drool.  Then I remembered the beautiful young lady I saw at Mass that morning in a wheelchair.  She couldn't run.  I could.  That was enough

4 miles.  38:22.  That was enough too. 

Has one of your body parts touched another in a new way?

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Shut Up and Touch Your Foot said...

I touched my eyebrow to my ass last week. Not sure how I did it.

Nice post my friend. You are making great emotional, spiritual and emotional strides. Can't wait to see you!