Saturday, June 25, 2011

Head’s Up: Live Blogging Ahead

So you know I am at this cool health and fitness bloggers conference and now we are ‘Live Blogging’ .  Don’t know what that is, what it means or how to do it.  These are some sort of ‘Product Review’ Marathon.  I’ve run a couple so now I’m going for it as Own Your Backbone.  We are on a timer.  It’s intense and words like ‘ROTATE’ are being shouted by the emcee.  Wish you were here.

The first product involves Tequila… so here goes.

#1 Casa Noble Skinny Margarita.  From Jasisco, Mexico.  Low calorie organic margarita option.  Certified.  Made from blue Agave Nectar.  They let Agave mature 2 to 3 years longer than competition.  3 Casa Noble, Agave Nectar and lime.  48 calories per ounce.  Tequila is Aged in French Oak Barrels – maybe I will be too.  Now we are taste testing.  Happy.  Delicious taste.  We are ‘cheersing’ our fellow bloggers and loving up on this delicious, organic certified margarita.  Tastes pure and real.  It’s Whole Foods meets Carlos and Charlie’s.


#2 Jovial Pasta-Pasta Product.  It’s what cave men used to eat.  Rise in popularity of ancient grains.  High vitamin E, protein, and fiber.  Has the unique nutritional composition of einkorn which has less starch, more protein and a very pleasing flavor.  Available for $4.99 at Whole Foods which is a high price point but you eat less and you get better nutritional value than less expensive pasta options.  We got cool samples but no taste test.  Can’t comment on that.


#3 Rudi’s Gluten Free Bread.  Product sample.  Tasting PBJ on Rudi’s Bread right now.  YUM!  (It’s not the margarita, I’m still sipping)  Does NOT taste like card board.  Wholesome nutritious bread.  No artificial ANYTHING.  Even my picky children would like it.  No preservatives so they recommend storing in the freezer.  $5.99 per loaf but the slices are quite thick.  Available at Safeway, Kroger, Costco and Whole Foods.  We got a coupon for a free whole loaf.  SCORE!  Spread the Bread, sister!


#4 Pop Chips Air popped potato chips!  Not baked, not fried.  Very delicious.  No oils in popping process.  Lighter chip, more chips per serving.  8 flavors available.  I tasted the Cheddar and it was GOOD.  Available at Whole Foods, Target, King Soopers.  Gluten Free, All Natural and amazingly good.  It’s STILL NOT the margarita.

#5 Recharge Natural Sports Beverage Hydration for all out performance.  10 calories, sweetened with truvia.  All natural of version of traditional Sports drink.  8 pouches in a box for $3.99.  I tasted the Tropical flavor and it reminded me of Kool Aid.   Uses vegetable dies for coloring.  Now that’s cool.

#6 Detour Peanut Butter Bar Lower Sugar Protein Bar.  State-of-art Protein bar  Marries test and science.  Tastes like candy bar and almost no sugar.  Sweetener is sucralose.  Supports active, healthy lifestyle and sports performance.  Whey protein is the main ingredient.  Whey is a co-product of dairy.  Great way to efficiently get protein into our body.  Absorbs quickly.  Here goes the taste test…  IT REALLY DOES TASTE MUCH MORE LIKE A TRADITIONAL CANDY BAR.  Price Point:  $1.45.  Available in GNC, Costco 7-11 and some others.


#7 Larabar The original Fruit and Nut Bar.  2 to 9 ingredients in each flavor.  Kosher, vegan, gluten and dairy free. 

#8 Cascadian Farm Granola:  Been around since 1972.  Makes frozen fruits, frozen veggies, granola cereal and granola bars.  Very delicious.

And now to finish the margarita.  Live Blogging Done.  Out.

Did you have fun?  I did.


Jason said...

Jovial is great. I have had it in the past and those 200 calories in 2oz is incredibly filling when vegetables are added in.

Jill said...

Clair!! My new bff - anyone who says my hair is fun deserves to make their way up to the top fo the friend list :). Usually, the thing looks like crap.

A total blast meeting you, you are tons of fun and I know we'd have had a lot more laughs had I not had to drive back down to South Denver every night. And if my back didn't cop an attitude. Next year for sure!

And thanks for the nice comment on my reality though, it really does suck.