Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hangovers are good for you

When I was in college my cousin, Jackie told me to go ahead and drink on school nights because hangovers give you character.  “You know you have to really push to make it through class when you feel so bad.” 

If you think about it, these are words of wisdom.  I used them used them at times during the Health and Fitness Bloggers in Boulder.


Mostly to make it through the workouts Beth made me perform.  At the start:


At the finish


Sometimes there was the haze of a little wine from the night before, other times my East Coast barometric pressure wanted to crush the nice thin air in Boulder leaving me lightheaded and nauseous.  Kia told us to announce we were visiting from sea level and folks might understand the spacey behavior.  That sounded silly to me but whatever.  Regardless of why you might feel a little less than right, you take what’s left and make something happen. Today was tough.

I wasn’t hungover in the traditional sense.  I missed my new friends and the energy from the conference.  I wanted to eat, drink, write, and work out like I had been for days.


Amanda, me, Beth, Jill and Jason.  Super Five!


Jason and Beth are very busy here.

I got home last night and was over the top to see my family.  I missed them terribly but I loved the suspended reality of traveling to a faraway place meeting awesome, talented, vibrant people and being open to the possibilities that lie ahead.  This morning I taught a Yoga class and didn’t feel altogether there.  It wasn’t from a hangover, I was traumatized by the man on the plane who asked me if my children were still at home.  Does this look like the face of an empty-nester?


Can a granny bike 19 miles downhill on a mountain bike?


My post-conference hangover is building my character to stay focused on my goals with writing, fitness, parenting and living well.  I guess Jackie was right.  I think I’ll call her tomorrow and tell her.

Who’s your Jackie?

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XLMIC said...

I can only imagine the challenges of returning from a kick-ass learning experience trip like that. Hunkering down can be so hard anyway :P I'm still trying to find my Jackie :)