Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday preview

I love my birthday!  I always have.  I am the third of six children and was always the harmony-lovin’, peace-maker.  You can talk to my therapist(s) about how that manifests into adulthood but for now just know I never lost my love of my day of birth.  So much so I elected to have a child on my birthday and give myself the ultimate gift – a healthy 8 pound baby girl who’s about to be 8.  Tomorrow.  I already have received 2 gifts to mark my 44th year of life.  A lovely friendship necklace from one of my dearest, Darla.  I love her plenty and always will.  Here’s another surprise from the mailwoman in our hood:


All the way from Longmont, Colorado my beautiful SUAR (Shut Up and Run!) tee shirt with the slogan:  “never quit” emblazoned across my chest.  I love it!  My soul sister, Beth sent it to me along with a most wonderful card that lit me up.  I wish the slogan would’ve lit my family up on our 7-mile hike in Palmyra, Virginia.  We take off:


We play in the river:


Dogs too:



We realize it’s not a loop but out and back and the children say our little adventure is like this:


Horse manure.  Out the window goes my harmony.  I tell them that children in wheelchairs would give anything to be able to walk 7 miles and to be grateful.  Jane made me carry her most of the second half of the hike and I pretended I was an adventure athlete who trains deliberately like this.  60 pounds on my back through brush and mud.  It got me through to this:


Like being born.  Emerging from the birth canal of the Fluvanna Heritage Trail.  Makes  me miss my Mom.  Only I was a Caesarean birth.  No wonder my head is perfect.  See:


I drive a lot.  Tomorrow I will drive wherever the wind blows me.  Did I mention it’s my birthday?


Lisa @ Eat.Pray.Run. said...

Well, Happy Birthday! I totally would've loved that hike, but my kids would've done the same as yours. Enjoy going where the wind blows you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Enjoy your day.

amy said...

happy birthday, still waitin to run into that belly ring at the pool, where you been? driving, of course.