Wednesday, July 6, 2011

God, the smell...

I invited my very cool sister to join me for 6 AM Bikram today.  She has done this Yoga ( 90 minutes.  105 degrees.   40% humidity) a number of times.  Her reaction was this:
"I don't know, Clair.  I'm just not ready for that smell."

"It smells like a cat box in The Room because you are supposed to leave your shit in it."

Just imagine 30 to 50 people sweating to soak a beach towel in a carpeted room several times a day.  Studio owners work hard to keep it clean and it's hygenic to beat-the-band but you can't run away from That Smell.  It almost smells like you-know-what - a bodily fluid that's as natural as the day is long but very, very, private.  The first time I went to Bikram, I thought someone had accidently grabbed their - you know, 'wipe-off' towel instead of the intended sweat-sopper.  I was embarrassed for everyone until I realized the human litter box was collectively contributed to by all of Us.  Volumes of sweat pouring out of the brave souls that enter the latrine Hot Room can create a nectar of sorts. 

You can almost hear the collective lymph system motoring to pump out toxins - literal and emotional.   Every time I leave the sauna class I am more clear and ready for my life.  Surely I am a little less full of sh*t.  It is afterall, a litter box.  The results are totally worth the smell.  We'll see if I can convince my sister of such.

What have you tried to get your sister to do lately?


ShutUpandRun said...

OK gross. I cannot believe your yoga room is carpeted. That is like carpeting a bathroom or a vomitorium.

How did it go?

Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom said...

My Bikram yoga studio is carpeted too. I'm pretty sure that's one of Bikram's requirements along with the mirrors and whatever else he stated has to be a certain way?

I love Bikram yoga though. I cannot do the 6 am class though, lol. The earliest I can motivate myself is the 9 am class.

I've tried to get both my sisters to go rock climbing with me, but no go. One of these days I'll get them out on rock :)

Anonymous said...

I had an ex-bf who played hockey and he would always warn me about how disgusting the lock room would smell when I would visit him after a game. It was pretty bad, but he had no idea how bad things could be until he went to bikram yoga with me. He was scarred and refused to ever go back again. Ah well, somethings weren't meant to be.