Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Go hard and go home

So the Goochland Angels 10U All-star team and District Champions finished up #3 in the State.  Hearts were breaking wide-open last night as our run to the #1 spot in the State ended.  I tried to keep the Yoga calm I arrived with at the tournament but I got twisted, spooled and ultimately saddened by the tears from a sweet red-head with style.  On the last day I went on a hunt for the local Bikram Yoga studio and ended up going back to the hotel even after I finally found it hiding in the hills of Lynchburg, VA.  Since us parents never could predict exactly when we’d go home we all made peace with the idea that we may be jobless and broke since our bosses couldn’t count on a return-to-work date.  So we, like our girls decided to go hard and then go home.


Mom’s Muggin’.  (Yes, that’s me with the wine.)


My hero’s hangin’ as the run to #1 began.


The coaches’ corner.

Earlier I had said I saw a beaver and a snake on a run behind our hotel near Liberty University.  I have my hairy things mixed up – it was a groundhog.  But isn’t it remarkable that I’d see both a male (snake) and female (beaver) euphemism on one silly 3 mile run?  Admit it, you thought I was lying.  About this I could not…

I was standing in the hallway outside the laundry and heard the following conversation:

Him:  So what is it you really want to do with your kitchen?

Her:  I need it to reflect who I want to be and not who I am now

Him:  What  does that mean?

Her:  I want orange and red and other fiery colors that show I am independent and passionate not a freeloader who can’t get away from her aging parents.

Him:  I know what you mean and I can help you get there.

They offer interior design and therapy solutions at the Spring Hill Suites.  So cool. 

And so we are home.  Saying good-bye to one amazing experience and readying our hearts and minds for the next.  In the meantime, I need some sleep.  But not before I tell her:



This:  “I love you, my girl  I am so proud of you.  You went hard and now you are and always will be home in my heart.”


misszippy said...

Aw, sorry it didn't end up a total win, but 3rd is pretty great! I can hear your pride coming through.

Now about those therapy/decorating services..gotta look that up!

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

New follower here...that is such a beautiful post. Love what you said to your daughter...can't believe what the hotel people were talking about! lol.

Anonymous said...

Aw, that breaks my heart. A few years ago I worked at a very impoverished middle school. The football team made it up to the district championship. With literally three seconds left, the other team threw up a Hail Mary and the kid caught it in the back corner of the end zone. My super tough, very worldly boys were devastated. But it put a fire in their belly and they won the next year. Just like a movie. Sometimes not always being #1 is good for the soul. Doesn't seem like it at the time though. Give your daughter a high five for me. :) And way to be a great travel ball mom!