Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where I am


My daughter’s softball team made it to the State Tournament.  We are near the city of seven hills – Lynchburg, VA.  A beautiful hilly little town that’s home to Liberty University (Jerry Falwell), Sweetbriar College (Equestrian), and Randolph College (formerly Randolph-Macon Women’s College).  Maybe we can learn something and come home with a trophy.

What I learn These travel nicely…



I am not a very fast runner.  I am a yogi who likes to run.  I bring my mat and shoes most everywhere I go.  Today I ran through the lovely back trails behind Liberty where I think they are building a football field.  I saw a beaver and a snake.  Yesterday before we left I practiced (Bikram) yoga and taught a class to get my mind right for the journey ahead.  Today, the run kept me on my path of good energy and a quiet unattached mind.  Unattached to the drama of 14 eleven and twelve year old athletes.  Unattached to the constant requests by my almost 8-year-old Jane for more gum or ball field food (eww).  Unattached to the miss of my son’s own all-star tournament in another part of the State.  Instead calm, steady approach to enjoying the now of my weekend.  THAT’s where I am.  It’s sweet.

Wherever you are is a good place to be.  Even Lynchburg, VA.

I want some of these…


Anybody have them?  Got any feetback?


ShutUpandRun said...

Ken has those. If you do make the jump to a more barefoot style, but VERY careful to do a lot of reading and jump in slowly.

XLMIC said...

A beaver and a snake! that is so cool! Hope the tournaments are all that... and that you have that inner calm weekend :) I should strive for one of those...

renkath said...

(Great blog)

I use the VFFs everywhere except the beach, where I go barefoot. Love them. But you need to be careful. They aren't just another pair of shoes (nor are the other minimal shoes). You will likely need to change your running technique. The whole concept is very much in line with "yoga toes" and Inyengar yoga practice in regard to how your feet should be active.